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Marriage Non Immigrant Visa

Required Documents

1. Immigration Form 7

2. Copy of passport

3. A 4 cm. X 6 cm. Photograph

4. Marriage Certificate

5. Birth certificate of children (if any)

6 Financial evidence showing financial status of the husband
-Bank statement and copy of bank account showing at least 800,000.- Baht deposit
-. Evidence indicating income along with related documents. If receiving pension, a document of pension payment certified by the embassy or consulate of the country that pays pension is needed.
-. In case of working in Thailand, Work permit and evidence of tax payment are required.

7. Documents indicating Thai nationality or permanent residence of the wife such as identification card (ID), census registration address / residence identification, or passport (in case that the wife is a permanent resident) House register and identification card of wife

8. A record of interviewing the applicant and his wife. ( Maybe Required )

9. Applicant must accompany his wife to the Immigration Bureau office to certify of all the documents. The couple will be able to confirm that they are still husband and wife.

10. Evidence certified by the applicant's embassy or consulate showing the applicant's marital status.

11. The officials reserve the rights to examine or ask for additional documents from the applicant if necessary.


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